Women of Color Zine Workshops 2013-2014

The schedule for our next round of workshops 😉 The workshops are located at PSU Women’s Resource Center…1802 SW 10th and Montgomery (Montgomery Hall Basement). Email if you have questions: wocpdx@gmail.com

Friday, October 18, 2013


Description:  What’s a Zine?

If you’ve ever been curious about zines, this workshop is for you! Join us as we celebrate five years of workshops.  Meet cool WOC zinesters/artists and learn about the power of zine making. Pizza and cupcakes to kick off our final year of workshops.

The workshops are open (and free) for those who self identify/live everyday experiences as a woman of color.

Friday, November 15, 2013


Description: Sci-fi Zine Challenge

If you know the names of Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due, Nyota Uhura, Mariko, Gail, Dr. Rao, etc., this workshop is for you! If you don’t know who these badass woc authors/characters are, then you should definitely attend this workshop. Join our guest speakers: Ann Matsushima Chiu (writer/artist of sci-fi and fantasy zines) and Jayvin Green (an avid reader/writer of sci-fi) as they lead a sci-fi zine challenge! They will also share their love/info about sci-fi books/zines, movies, etc.

Since this is our last year of WOC Zine gatherings, we want to mix it up a bit for a couple of our workshops. This workshop will also be open to folks who self-identify/live every day experiences as men of color.

PLEASE remember this is a space for women of color first/foremost, so oppressive behavior will not be tolerated. This is an opportunity to build community as artists/zinesters of color, so come in love/peace or keep it moving :O)

Friday, February 21, 2014


Description: Celebrate Black History Month with fabulous Black women activists/artists/entrepreneurs in Portland!!

Intisar Abioto is a writer, dancer, photographer, and multi-disciplinary artist. She’s the creator of The Black Portlanders. The Black Portlanders is all about photographing Black people around Portland. A visual story of the reasons/why Black people reside in Oregon, a majority white state.  http://theblackportlanders.com/

La Toya “Lady Rose” Hampton, a native of Portland, Oregon is a poet and spoken word artist. In her practice as an educator and mentor to youth, she relays the use of writing as a form of expression and self-care, as well as a tool to uncover and share in common interests and struggle. Lady Rose completed her first one-woman show Holes of a Piece of Me: An Introduction to Lady Rose in July 2013. www.ladyrosepdx.net

Galadriel Mozee is a writer, community educator, radical gardener, rain water collector, and seamstress. She has worked within food justice movements for many years including most recently working for two and a half years with Sisters Of The Road, a nonprofit café working to end poverty and hunger through alternative monetary systems and the teachings of Nonviolence. http://nolose.org/10/keynote.php

And more!

Friday, April 18, 2014


Description: Open Mic Night

The April workshop is dedicated to the open mic. This is an opportunity to read new projects you are working on, share zine writings, spoken word, poetry, etc. Guest speaker is floetress/creator of Solar Throat (an experimental black creative space)–Jamondria Harris:

Jamondria Harris is a poet & performer whose praxis is finding ways to use ancestral/experimental arts in the process of seeking radical liberation from kyriarchy for herself and other marginalized and oppressed people. Her workshop with will lay out the concept of a decolonizing poetics & explore the ways in which experimental arts are anti-kyriarchal & necessary parts of decolonization.

We hope to see you there!

**The workshops are open to those who self-identify/live every day experiences as a woman of color.**

Friday, May 16, 2014


Description: Potluck/Networking Party

Aww…it’s been real y’all. Join us as we wrap up five years of women of color zine workshops. Bring your favorite dish, zines (to sell or trade), business cards, flyers for your upcoming events, etc., for this potluck/networking party.

Many folks from the group have branched out to do their own thing/the damn thing with creating events, zine activities etc., so there are still some good spaces to build community as women of color writers/artists in Portland.

While we are no longer hosting workshops, we hope to represent at events around the city. So, keep an eye out! Or you can stay connected to us via social media:

Blog: https://wocpdxzines.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/woczineworkshop
tumblr: http://wocpdxzines.tumblr.com/

Much love for all your support/contributions over the years…

Tonya 🙂

*This workshop is open to those who self-identify as women of color….live everyday experiences as a woman of color.*

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