Janit V. Saechao Releases: Reclamation By The Refugees Daughter

Friday, December 2, 2016

4pm to 6pm

Portland State University/Women’s Resource Center

RECLAMATION by the Refugees’ Daughter is a compilation of poetry, short prose, and images that come together to exist as an act of defiance. It is meant to take back years of forced suppression and reclaim the power of the voice, even in the face of pain and trauma. It’s a scream, a cry, a calling for all things lost to the US Secret War in Laos. It is a creation of a new tradition of rebellion for a womxn who once knew only otherwise. It is the found courage of a brown Iu-Mien+Khmu girl, daughter of refugees, to finally say, “yes” to herself and , “no” to all things that attempt to erase her.

Janit V. Saechao is The Refugees’ Daughter. As a first generation Khmu & Iu Mien womxn, her writing is a reflection of her steady journey toward self-understanding as she reconnects with her roots. Her pieces are often uncensored documentations of her most vulnerable moments of growth, change and discovery. She recognizes that her voice, in all of its many forms has been the basis of her survival and ability to thrive. Through her work, she explores her relationships with her multiple identities, while actively striving toward artistic and cultural preservation for her peoples

For more information on Janit please visit their site: http://janitsaechao.com

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