**TODAY!!* Election Reflections: A Message to the Movement

Sunday, November 20, 2016


In Other Words Feminist Community Center

Let’s come together for a political discussion about the implications of living and organizing under President-elect Donald Trump. How did this happen? What does it mean that a majority of white voters elected an open white supremacist with broad support from racist cops, the klan, and neo-Nazis to the most powerful office on earth? What does our collective existence in America look like now? What does organizing in America look like now? What has changed? What is still the same? What are we really fighting for?

Our existence in this country has never been an easy one. In many ways, however, it has helped prepare us for this moment.

At this event let’s talk about what comes next.

We’ll be reading portions of The Black Liberation Army’s: A Message to the Black Movement together to help guide and ground our discussion. Download a PDF of it here (copies will also be available at the space): https://archive.lib.msu.edu/DMC/AmRad/messageblackmovement.pdf

This space is for Africans and folks of color only.



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