Emory Blacktivism Conference: Intersectionality in the Movement

If you are near Atlanta/the ATL!! 

The 2nd Annual Blacktivism Conference will be taking place February 20, 2016 at the Emory School of Medicine. This year’s discussion topics include Black mental health, Palestinian solidarity, Afrofuturism and hip hop, black queer and trans lives in BLM, and much more! Expect some amazing presenters and workshop leaders.

As the presenters and leaders are not limited to being from Emory or the Atlanta area, neither are our attendees. Blacktivism is also an amazing opportunity to connect with students, graduates, and professionals from Emory, the AUC, and beyond. The conference is open to anyone committed to dismantling antiblackness and fighting for ALL black lives.

They’re only $12, and you get free parking and breakfast AND lunch.

Tickets are REQUIRED for entry. REGISTER HERE:

The Mission: This Black Student Conference is a continuation of Emory’s own blacktivism movement: Black at Emory University. The conference will focus on black bodies who occupy white spaces as well as activism. The goal of the conference is to provide students with a heightened sense of identity by affirming their experiences in these white spaces and of their own self-worth as well as providing the tools to create “safe spaces”/be effective activists in their respective communities.



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