Vanport Mosaic screening

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Starting at 2pm

PCC Cascade Campus

705 N Killingsworth Street

Join us for a screening of the multimedia oral histories produced by University of University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication students and Vanport Mosaic volunteers, and be part of this collective effort to honor the experience of those who lived in Vanport, now in their 80s and 90s, before their historical memory is lost forever.

The event, hosted by Portland Community College, is FREE, but seating is limited and we tend to have more people we can accomodate! RSVP here:

Vanport City was built in 110 days in 1942 to house the workers who came to work in Henry Kaiser’s shipyards during the second world war.
At its peak, it was home to 40,000 people, becoming the second largest city of Oregon and the largest WWII federal public housing project in the United States. On Memorial Day in 1948, a flood wiped out the entire city within a matter of hours, erasing Vanport from the map and from much of Portland’s memory.

Vanport Mosaic is a response to a growing desire to honor the legacy of the Vanport community. We are a diverse team of artists, mediamakers, historians, educators, and community experts with a shared commitment in shedding light on this forgotten piece of history which continues to influence local community and city dynamics.

Bring your curiosity and your desire to look at the past to understand the present.

Former Vanport residents will share their memories;
PCC History Professor James Harrison will answer our questions;
S. Renee Mitchell will perform her poem “Vanport’s Forgotten Voices”;
“story midwife” Laura Lo Forti will update on the on-going participatory oral history project and how you can get involved.

For more info:


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