Black Joy: Self Care Saturday for Black Girls, Women and Femmes

Please join us for some Black Joy: Self Care Saturday for Black girls and women on Saturday, November 28th at the Center for Intercultural Organizing from 12-7:30pm +

We will be providing materials to engage in various arts and crafts. Additionally, food will be provided and children and youth welcome. No costs.

We welcome all of your #BlackGirlMagic and cannot wait to share space with you all.
History of #ForBlackGirlsOnly :
#ForBlackGirlsOnly is a safe space, unapologetically centering Black women. We share stories, information and resources to empower one another.

For Black Girls Only emerged from Cape Town, by a South African group called BlackLoveSessions and spearheaded and organized by a Black queer woman, Sivu Onesipho Siwisa (Twitter: madblackqueer).

For Black Girls Only took place in Cape Town on Sunday, August 30th at Trenchtown, OBS. FBGO engaged in a radical, unapologetic picnic-style space of various creative mediums including, music, stalls, exhibitions, book exchange and carefree, bell hooks New School format panel discussions regarding Feminism/Womanism, Organizing and Mobilizing, Health (Emotional, Psychological and Physical), Self Care, Pleasure and Erotica, Sisterhood and Solidarity coupled with dancing breaks and shopping.

A couple of must-know’s about #ForBlackGirlsOnly spaces:

– No allies, whatsoever. It is a safe space for Black women and Black women only including, Black trans, queer, non-gender conforming, mothers, non-english speaking, and differently-abled.

– No cover charge. The space will remain free and accessible in order to further avoid marginalizing anyone.

– Speakers to be diverse including different classes and/or generations on a variety of topics.

– Wear all Black (if able).

– Have fun
-#ForBlackGirlsOnly is trying to build a recognizable, worldwide collective and brand and the hashtag is intellectual property

In solidarity with Cape Town and organizer, Sivu, we are happy to bring #ForBlackGirlsOnly to the U.S. and Portland, OR.


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