Policing Abolition Workshop: Critical Resistance Portland

Please join an exciting workshop this weekend!

Policing Abolition
Sunday, November 22nd
2:30-5pm Center for Intercultural Organization.

Snacks and light meal provided. RSVP required.

In this workshop we’ll explore how to actually engage in the work of shifting our reliance away from the police and policing to alternative ways of keeping our community safe. We’ll cover what is policing, practice what it looks like to utilize alternatives, and cover a history of policing from the lens of PIC abolition*.

We’re excited to have two staff members from the national office in Oakland here in Portland to give this training–Mohamed Shehk and Lily Haskell.

*This is not an intro workshop to the prison industrial complex or abolition–stay tuned for more info for that training that will take place in December.

Following the training we’ll be hosting a movie screening of Bastards of the Party so if you’d like to make a day of it, plan to stick around for this public screening. Help us gauge supplies needed by RSVPing at crpdx@criticalresistance.org



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