*TODAY* Black Lives Matter: Politics, Identity and Intersectionality

Thursday, October 1, 2015


Lewis & Clark College-Council Chamber

This event is sponsored by Ethnic Studies, Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement (IME), and The Black Student Union.

Black Lives Matter is arguably one of the most significant social movements of our day. The Ethnic Studies program is sponsoring a series this year to discuss various aspects of this movement. Over the course of the year, we will hold four panel discussions that bring together academics, activists and students to examine the BLM movement from the perspectives of politics, history, education and philosophy.

For the first panel, we ask what kind of political movement is BLM. What is the relationship of BLM to electoral politics, if any? Given the heterogeneous nature of BLM, is it even possible to define concrete political goals and strategies? How important is identity politics to the BLM? How does intersectionality (how race, class and gender work together) function in the BLM movement?

• Kundai Chirindo, L&C Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Media Studies

• Tessara Dudley, Black Lives Matter Poet-Activist

• Sonja Nosisa, L&C ’18

• Jasmine Reid L&C law student

• Moderator: Elliott Young, L & C Director of Ethnic Studies, Professor of History

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