Understanding Institutional Racism

Saturday, May 30, 2015


First Unitarian Church of Portland

Young Nonprofit Professionals Network Portland (YNPN Portland) invites our members and others in the social sector to: Understanding Institutional Racism, a workshop exploring institutional racism and its impact on the organizations, clients, and causes we serve.

In the wake of last autumn’s events in Ferguson, MO, YNPN National’s Executive Director Trish Tchume wrote about the notion of the nonprofit sector as the “secular conscience of society.” This is a difficult but important call to action, and our work begins with confronting the fact that none of our personal or professional lives are untouched by the pervasive, systemic reality of institutional inequity.

Join us on the morning of Saturday, May 30th for a conversation with Dr. Emily Drew, Associate Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies at Willamette University. During this workshop participants will begin to:

• Develop a shared language for talking with colleagues and others about racism and structural inequity
• Deepen our consciousness about how implicit bias shapes our lives, work, and community
• Consider how systemic racism influences and impacts the Portland community and the work of every part of the social sector
• Begin to apply this analysis to our personal values, and consider its implication for our own lives and work

Our facilitator, Dr. Emily Drew is an Associate Professor of Sociology at Willamette University, where she teaches courses about race, racism, immigration, and social change. Her research agenda revolves around understanding how race and racism get institutionalized, with the goal of helping to illuminate more effective strategies for interrupting systemic inequality. Drew’s newest published work in the Journal of Urban Affairs explores how a neighborhood in Portland, Oregon responds to gentrification by raising consciousness and building “antiracist place.” She is on the Board of several organizations, most recently the National Association of Ethnic Studies.

For almost 20 years, Drew has been actively engaged in anti-racism activism and serves as a co-trainer of “Understanding Institutional Racism” workshops for Crossroads Anti-Racism Organizing and Training. In that context, she works as a strategic planner, helping institutions develop and implement long-term commitments to anti-racist, multicultural diversity. Drew also works with CAUSA, a coalition for immigrant rights, and is in the process of publishing research about mixed-status families living “Under One Roof” in Oregon.


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