Queer Students of Color Conference 2015

Join the Women of Color Zine Workshops as they host a panel celebrating QWOC at the annual Queer Students of Color Conference!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

11:10 am-12pm

Portland State University-Smith Student Center

Room 236 LR


Tessara is a poet and educator who uses the sharing of stories to build community, create understanding, and stimulate change. In addition to serving as the coordinator for Portland State University’s LGBTQ2+ Speaker’s Bureau, Tessara is a student at PSU, a participant in the Black Girl Dangerous Editor-in-Training Program, a story catcher for for the Vanport Multimedia Project, a freelance-writer and editor, and a social justice educator. Bringing a passion to change the world into all of this work, Tessara believes it is the poet’s job to bring out both the struggle and beauty in life.

Going Places writes an ongoing zine, entitled Going Places, that focuses on their life as a Navajo punk, Native American diaspora, and other self-interests. They hope that with their zine, they can break down stereotypes about what a Native American is supposed to be and also encourage other Natives to express themselves.

Tonya Jones is the founder of PDX Women of Color Zine Workshops. The WOC Zine group publishes a zine collective called “Women of Color: How to Live in The City of Roses and Avoid the Pricks.” The zine looks at how women of color navigate racism/sexism/heterosexism, etc., in a majority white city.


About wocpdxzines

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!
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