One Flaming Arrow Kickstarter

Join us from April 15-May 13 as we launch our official Kickstarter ( for One Flaming Arrow: Inter-Tribal, Art, Music, & Film Festival. We are hoping to make a significant mark on the day we launch to help spread awareness, interest, and to also make a substantial contribution toward our fundraising goal. The amount we are asking for will pay for event space, artist honorariums, shipping expenses, travel assistance, as well as pay for the labor involved in organizing and curating a successful Indigenous festival.

Please, help us share this with the world by showing your support and at the very least by sharing this on your wall. Help us make this Kickstarter an overwhelming success for the Native art and culture community.

About One Flaming Arrow:

One Flaming Arrow is a 12-day festival that will bring together a unique set of Indigenous voices from the americas. Inspired by the powerful warrior spirit of Indigenous resistance, OFA partnered with the Indigenous founded and operated artist/activist/warrior collective, RISE: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment. Together OFA and RISE strive to honor the work, activism, and multifaceted talents of artists who are working to break apart misconceptions, stereotyped, and racist perceptions of Indigenous identity in contemporary culture.

OFA & R.I.S.E. were the proud recipients of Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s (PICA) 2014 Precipice Fund. A special thank you goes out to PICA, Calligram Foundation, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Confirmed artists/warriors:

Bat Vomit
Natalie Ball
Dylan Miner
Melanie Fey
Sky Hopinka
Shilo George
Jeff Ferguson
Laura Ortman
The Discotays
Brittany Britton
Raven Chacon
Katrina Benally
Amanda Ranth
Miranda Crystal
Almas Fronterizas
“Drunktown’s Finest”
Burial Ground Sound
Grace Rosario Perkins w/Amberlee Cotchay
Melissa Bennett w/Elizabeth LaPensée & Allie Vasquez
“Indigenous Futurisms Film Program”, curated by Grace Dillion


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