Intisar Abioto: Contents

Thursday, April 2, 2015



Intisar Abioto, creator of The Black Portlanders, is bringing us Contents, a photography show about the stories of people and place.

Don’t miss out:
Intisar will present a short performance at 7pm

From the interview:
Story is maybe the beginning of everything for me. It’s how I process everything, like the story resonance, stories that need to be revived, or people to be revived. How you season a story or image, how a story or image or impulse is affected by the stories and images that are next to it or in context to it. Stories in physical places, in imaginative places, where all those things can meet. I’m always thinking about storytelling and man, that subject is so huge. But how stories can be more real than the physical realm, they can last longer than the physical realm. When you share them, they grow versus diminish in size. I just think it’s so powerful.

I don’t necessarily have a religion, but I do feel spiritual about storytelling and I just really believe in it. That word has so many meanings; people use it so many different ways. Thinking about what the wider story of your life is, like, I know this work of documenting or working with people of the African Diaspora is my life’s work or one of my life’s works as a contribution to whatever this weird thing we’re in together is. This is the other thing, because on the Internet you can share these projects and they’re based off of real life and they’re based on real things. They could just go on and on but you have an ending. How long does a project about something really go on?

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