*Tonight* RECEPTION & PERFORMANCE: Mami Takahashi, de•mar•cate

Mami Takahashi

On view: January 12– 29, 2015
Reception: Tues, Jan 13, 5–8 pm
Performance: Tues, Jan 13, 6 pm
Artist Talk: Tues, Jan 27, 6:30–8 pm

Portland State University-Littman Gallery

“A friend of mine lived in New York his whole life, but spent that time in a Chinese American community where he only spokeChinese. After his first visit to Mexico, he was stopped by border police while attempting to return to the U.S. When communication barriers created difficulties, the guards expressed skepticism about his U.S. citizenship. His papers, which supposedly granted him the same status as any other American, ended up being a barrier because the language he uses in his experience as an American is different than theirs.

For Americans who do not use English in their everyday lives, the United States is a borderlands barricading them from full participation in citizenship. Most of us cannot imagine this ordeal and believe, deep down, if an individual speaks unconventional English, they cannot be an American.

“Sin Papeles” collects language from articles about immigration, revealing the pronunciation of words as a way to abstract terms familiar to native speakers to share the experience a non-native speaker has with them. A barrier both metaphorically and literally in the gallery space for viewers, the piece forces viewers to question their own assumption of access or highlights their experience lacking it.

A series of works, “Title Will Be Here,” uses translated and segmented text from original writings in a foreign language. These writings, made decades ago by a non-English speaking teenager, are processed into English using online translation software. By filtering these original writings, the artist attempts to revalue the initial journal by selecting segments created through the subversion of corporate products. The works monumentalize these neutralized snippets in silver leaf, transmitting the text through burning the surface.

By layering multiples of the same clip, a series of untitled videos calls to mind the subtle shifts viewers from different perspectives face when encountering a work.”


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