*Today* Equalize All-Genders, All-Sizes CLOTHING SWAP!!


Hollywood Library

NE 40th Ave at NE Tillamook St.

Hey Equalizers!
Get ready to clean out your closets and make room for some fabulous new clothes because Equalize is having a clothing swap!

What is a clothing swap?
A clothing swap is an event where people bring in clothes they no longer want and swap them for clothes that someone else no longer wants! It’s awesome! Everyone puts their clothes in a big pile and then sorts through to find cool things in their size. 😀

What can I bring?
Any clothing or shoes that are in decent condition (and washed please!) that someone else might want. You can also bring other small items that might be of interest, like queer or activist-related books or zines or crafty items and supplies. If you aren’t sure, just ask us by messaging Equalize or emailing alex @ equalizeit dot org.

Does it cost money?
We are asking folks to make a $3-5 donation to Equalize if they can, if not, just come on by anyway 🙂 We just want to see your smiling faces!

What if I don’t have any clothes to swap?
That’s okay! Come anyway; there are always more clothes than people 🙂

What if I have clothes to donate, but can’t make it to the swap?
Awesome! Please message Equalize or send an email to alex at equalizeit.org and we can arrange a time to get them from you. Thanks! 😀

What’s going to happen to the clothes that nobody takes?
We will be donating them to SMYRC or another local non-profit (in the event that SMYRC can’t take them or doesn’t want them).

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I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!
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