DECISION TIME: (Re)Commit to In Other Words Feminist Community Center

Saturday, November 8, 2014


In Other Words

14 N Killingsworth St.

We’ve struggled with a shortage of volunteers, and managed a tenuous financial situation, on a monthly basis. Although we’re nearly free from current debt (!!) and survive thanks to the dedication of a handful of devoted volunteers and donors, the time has come to ask the question: What does our community want In Other Words to represent, and does that need still exist? Many members of our communities came to the General Assembly meeting on October 5th with concern and compassion and to give honest feedback. Words rang loud and clear that you are committed to keeping In Other Words around for another 21 years. NOW COMES THE HARD PART: We need to walk the walk. We need to do some serious fundraising and serious “friendraising”. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

WE HAVE UNTIL NOVEMBER 8th to build up our capacity in terms of new volunteers, new board members, and new monthly donations. If we haven’t met our capacity goals by November 8th, we will need to close our doors. Please help us ensure that is not the case! We need to work together, quickly, kindly, and passionately in order to get this done.

–> In Other Words has an urgent need for more volunteer leadership, and In Other Words has immediate openings for new feminist leadership on the Board of Directors. Job descriptions are available on the home page of our website
–> Please ask your friends and networks to email and to express interest in volunteering or in applying to the Board of Directors.
–> In Other Words seeks an increase in financial gifts, particularly in monthly sustaining funds. Please ask your friends and networks to visit our fundraising page at to make a financial gift TODAY in the name of feminist community building!

This is a critical time. Thank you so much for your love, help, energy, passion, and feminist bravery to keep moving forward together.

–Board of Directors meeting, October 16th, 6:15PM at In Other Words. All interested/serious board applicants must attend this meeting.
–Volunteer orientation/training October 18th at 3PM at In Other Words. All interested/serious volunteers must attend this meeting!
–Planning meeting for the next General Assembly, October 24th at 7PM at In Other Words. This meeting was established by a community member who is invested in ensuring voices are heard at the November 8th meeting
–GENERAL ASSEMBLY TO DETERMINE WHETHER IN OTHER WORDS CAN STAY OPEN, November 8th at 11AM at In Other Words. At this point in time we will evaluate where we are and see whether we have built enough capacity to keep our doors open.

Let’s work together to build capacity for the feminist community center we all so dearly love.



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