AGATHA//MY PARADE//COCKEYE !!benefit for L@s Desarraigad@s!!

Saturday, November 8, 2014


Red and Black Cafe

400 SE 12th Ave.


come see sick bands (!!!of mostly qpoc punx!!!) and support mestiz@ xican@ gay babes en route to mexico this winter!

$5-10+ sliding scale

always all ages
cafe & bathroom wheelchair accessible
plz arrive scent free – r&b uses bleach and vinegar cleaning products in the cafe

//////////////////////////////////////more about l@s desarraigad@s:

L@s Desarraigad@s is a group of queer xican@ artists, activists and healers who are planning a trip to our ancestral lands. As historically uprooted people, we feel a strong need to reconnect with and reclaim our heritage in community. In January of 2015, we will be travelling to Mexico together for 2-3 weeks. The goal of our trip is to reclaim language, form personal and political connections, visit culturally and historically significant places, and have fun. We will focus a significant amount of time on forming relationships with Mexican@s who are also artists, activists, healers, queers and punks. Our goal is to begin to learn about being allies to our compañeros in Mexico and continue that work upon our return to the States.


About wocpdxzines

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!
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