DONT SHOOT PORTLAND Call To Action: ‘Let the Fire Burn’

Tuesday, October 14th at 7pm
Portland Community College-Cascade campus

Moriarty Arts and Humanities Building Room 104

For the viewing of Let the Fire Burn, an 88 min. internationally acclaimed 2013 documentary film about the events leading up to and surrounding the May 13, 1985 stand-off between the social movement group MOVE and the City of Philadelphia. “Using only archival news coverage and interviews, first-time filmmaker Osder has brought to life one of the most tumultuous and largely forgotten clashes between government and citizens in modern American history.”—Zeitgeist Films

A week later on
Tuesday, October 21st 2014 at 5:45pm
in Moriarty Arts and Humanities Building Room 104

We invite you all back to engage with a panel of speakers who will talk about the historical events in “Let the Fire Burn” and how these events relate to situations we are seeing still today in places like Ferguson, Portland and many other towns in our nation.

The panel of three speakers on October 21st includes:

Ms. Mimi German is a revolutionary from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She has first hand insight into the events depicted in “Let the Fire Burn”. Ms. German has also lived in Massachusettes and Israel before moving to Portland, OR in 1996. Ms. German lives on a small farm with her animals. She is resolutely against nuclear power and procreation. She claims to be no “expert in anything other than one who has to date figured out how to still be standing here on Earth” and says she is simply a “Human Being and an Earth Activist. . . .a witness.”

Ms. Teressa Raiford is a civil rights leader born in Oregon during the ’70s as a 4th generation Black Portlander. Her family’s history in civil rights is rooted in police harassment locally with the infamous possum toss by local police, the Mississippi NAACP during the Medgar Evers killing, human and labor rights Etc… Black America’s struggle for civil rights is the movement she is pushing to empower. Ms. Raiford has lived and worked in Dallas TX and since coming back to Portland her focus is gang prevention. She has tun for political office, sits on several boards of social justice organizations and is currently the lead director and organizer of a movement in Portland called #DontShootPDX in solidarity with Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. She is working on various efforts for the betterment Portland.

Mr. Wiley G. Barnett is a retired PCC employee who has long been involved with social justice activism. He continues to have serious interest in Black history and contemporary oppression. Because of the increasing damage to the very planet we live on and need, his attention and involvement has been increasingly on enviromental justice issues.

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