Gender Studies Symposium 2014

Women of Color Zine members Ann Matsushima Chiu and Tonya Jones will be leading a zine workshop at Lewis & Clark’s 33rd Annual Gender Studies Symposium. The workshop will be on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 @ 3:30 pm, but the symposium runs from Wednesday until Friday, March 7, 2014…

“The 33rd Annual Gender Studies Symposium explores the relationship between where we are and who we are.  Our environments — whether the bathroom, internet, workplace, or sidewalk — have profound effects on the lives we lead.  How do our interactions in these spaces create, support, and/or destabilize larger institutions of power such as prisons, political systems, or nations?  Engage with students, scholars, activists, community leaders, and artists in thinking about relationships of gender, sexuality, and power in the locations where we find ourselves.”

There will be some great keynote speakers! Including Franchesca Ramsey actress, comedian and video blogger who created the funny “Sh*t White Girls Say… to Black Girls.”


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