PAALF Community Visioning Session

Date: February 25
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: NNEBA – 311 N Ivy Street, Portland, Oregon 97227TBA

Community Visioning Session
NE MLK and Alberta Property and other City of Portland-Owned Vacant Lots

In December, the Portland African American Leadership Forum issued an open letter to the Mayor and PDC Director, Patrick Quinton, regarding the Majestic Realty Development. Our opposition was not rooted in whether or not a Trader Joe’s should occupy the property, but rather in the PDC’s back door decision processes that led to a 2.4 million dollar subsidy of tax payer dollars to an out-of-state developer.

We believe that any development, and expenditure of tax payer dollars, should be controlled by historical and current residents of the neighborhood. The PDC has spent millions of tax payer
dollars in the Interstate Urban Renewal Corridor Area and has continuously failed to make this information readily available to the public. This lack of transparency does not make good use of
tax payer dollars and the public’s trust

As such, PAALF and the North/Northeast Business Association would like to gather community members, including residents and those who have been displaced, of all back grounds and perspectives, to develop a community based development plan for the site – be it a community center, low-income housing or a grocery store. It is clear that past government methods of public involvement have not gleaned full transparency and proper, inclusive decision making over the future of our neighborhoods. As such, we believe, that we as citizens can come together to develop consensus on what we would like to see moving forward.

Date: March 4
Time: 6pm-9pm
Location: NNEBA – 311 N Ivy Street, Portland, Oregon 97227

In preparation for the gathering, we invite you to share your opinion on what you would like to see included on the property through a survey. The survey can be completed here. Please distribute this through your networks! We are looking to gain a deeper understanding of the diversity of perspectives and ideas within our communities.

Leading up to the visioning session, we would like to host a community meeting to discuss the
issue of gentrification and how it has impacted various community members’ position on this issue. This will allow us to build a common sense of understanding prior to the visioning session.

To RSVP, or should you have any questions, please contact:

We hope you can join us!

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