Decolonizing the Mind

Friday, January 24, 2014. 6pm-9m @ Portland State University/Multicultural Center (Room 228). 1825 SW Broadway

Healing Through Neurodecolonization and Mindfulness A Talk by Dr. Michael Yellow Bird

“Dr. Yellow Bird is a citizen of the Arikara (Sahnish) and Hidatsa Nations in North Dakota. His scholarship and activism focuses on: Native American and other Indigenous Peoples cultural and political rights; Indigenous Peoples’ health and wellness, neurodecolonization and mindfulness; and colonization and methods of decolonization. Specifically working with Communities of Color (particularly Indigenous communities), he brings teachings of healing the trauma of colonization.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spent a great deal of his life addressing issues of colonization on both a personal level (empowering People of Color to take part in their own liberation) and also at the institutional level as he helped organize a social movement that brought about a new era of civil rights. Dr. Yellow Bird is currently part of building a social movement along with Dr. Wazayatawin and others centered on decolonization. All people, and especially People of Color (Indigenous and non-Indigenous) will find what Dr. Yellow Bird has to offer as very practical towards ending colonization within their minds, an essential for empowering a growing social movement.

Seating is limited!”



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