Happy November!!

We hope you are ready for the chilly months ahead…

Stay warm with us at our next workshop Friday, November 15, 2013. 5:30-7pm @ PSU Women’s Resource Center. 1802 SW 10th & Montgomery (Montgomery Hall Basement):

If you know the names of Octavia Butler, Tananarive Due, Nyota Uhura, Mariko, Gail, Dr. Rao, etc., this workshop is for you! If you don’t know who these badass woc authors/characters are, then you should definitely attend this workshop. Join our guest speakers: Ann Matsushima Chiu (writer/artist of sci-fi and fantasy zines) and Jayvin Green (an avid reader/writer of sci-fi) as they lead a sci-fi zine challenge! They will also share their love/info about sci-fi books/zines, movies, etc.

*refreshments and supplies will be provided, but folks are always welcomed to bring their own!!*

Since this is our last year of WOC Zine gatherings, we want to mix it up a bit for a couple of our workshops. This workshop will also be open to folks who self-identify/live every day experiences as men of color.

PLEASE remember this is a space for women of color first/foremost, so oppressive behavior will not be tolerated.
This is an opportunity to build community as artists/zinesters of color, so come in love/peace or keep it moving :O)


Poster by: Ann Matsushima Chiu


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I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!
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