Rose for Petal and Thorns:Community Arts Night.

Join Portland Spoken Word Poet Lady Rose for Petal and Thorns:Community Arts Night.

A monthly event, Petals and Thorns is not your ordinary open mic night. It is an arts bazaar, community information fair and spoken word show all rolled into one—an event not to be missed.

So, come and join in on the creativity, soul expression, learn what’s happening in the community and build new relationships.

$5 entry in advance
$5 h’orderves ticket
$8 at the door

This evening will be hosted by Kemba Shannon Dance Center.

Interested in tabling for your business or organization? Please continue reading below.

7:00pm Community Fair/Bazaar, Open Mic Sign-Up
Want to ensure you can perform, so you can tell your friends to come out and support you? Pre-sign-ups can be arranged with event organizer. Priority will be given to new and emerging artists. Serious inquiries only.

7:30pm Open Mic (10 Slots Available)


Featured Performances by Lady Rose and Hug Dealer

Lady Rose: La Toya “Lady Rose” Hampton, whose work has been compared to that of Maya Angelou, interweaves imagery of mirrors, Christianity and sensuality into her writing that is both effortless and thought-provoking. She allows her audience to share in her struggle of what it means to be a woman, Black and Christian in the 21st century.

For more on Lady Rose visit:

Hug Dealer: As a Spoken Word Artist, Kashea “Hug Dealer” Kilson-Anderson has been entertaining crowds with his poetry that has touched upon topics ranging from politics to blueberry muffins. When he first began performing in late 2007, Kashea’s blunt style, matched with his boisterous, yet passionate delivery, earned him his former nickname of “Portland’s Angry Poet” from his peers. Over the years he has simultaneously sharpened and softened his Spoken Word skills and has been featured in Spoken Word shows all over Portland and many other cities along the Western United States.

For more on Hug Dealer visit:

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