New Women of Color Study Group

In light of the tragedy of the Trayvon Martin case, not only has America’s disregard for black men come to light, but also the absence of WOC in the movements to fight these injustices. We as women and queer* identified people of color have had our voices silenced and marginalized as we lie at the dangerous cross sections of society- intersections of class, race and gender. That being said, WOC need and deserve a space to heal from the violence we have suffered at the hands of the state and within our own communities through education and community organizing. Using the past experiences and current writings from women of color whom have challenged the Capitalist system we will search for models to interject ourselves in current movements against injustice. Similar to women of color organizing in the past, we are starting with a study group to create a collective consciousness in order to foster an environment where we can find voice and power to challenge the social structures that leave us marginalized. Studying is vital to effective organizing and can be used as a way to empower ourselves through our diverse collective experience.

 This group is specifically by and for women-identified or gender-queer identified people of color. We seek to encourage leadership among these groups and provide a safe space in order to critique and examine direct and indirect forms of violence within our specific communities under Capitalism. We will read from and through a feminist POC perspective and what we read will represent the members of our group. The INCITE! article attached is a representation of why we feel organizing is vital and INCITE! itself as an organization is an effective model of the type of group we want to build. If you are affected by the experiences chronicled in this article, you belong here. Please come with any questions you have about the above statements. We are still in the formation stages and want to make this group as inclusive as possible to marginalized voices of WOCs, regardless of orientation. Trigger Warning: the INCITE! article details rape, physical and psychological abuse against women of color.

Incite article:

Our first meeting will be a vegan (food containing to animal products such as meat, milk, eggs or honey) potluck which will serve as both a meet-and-greet, but also a space to discuss and process the article and make plans for the future.

If you need suggestions/vegan recipes for food, please email me. Please also bring your copy of the article and at least one question based on the article to pose to the group.We look forward to meeting with you!

Sincerely, Jaliessa (

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