Women of Color Zine Symposium 2013

It’s just 2o days away! Click the “women of color zine symposium 2013” tab to learn more…

Registration is still open for women of color artists (woc) to table. It will remain open right until the day of the event! There’s a  $10 fee to reserve the space. All of the funds are used towards the symposium.  It’s a great opportunity to connect with other woc artists in Portland, as well as share your work with the larger community.  Tablers can also sell other Do-It-Yourself (DIY) products, besides zines. We just ask that you don’t sell food…please 🙂

We are also seeking those self-identify as queer/trans women/womyn of color to lead a workshop, as our focus this year is on the creative voices of these women/womyn. If you/anyone you know is interested have them contact: tljones29@yahoo.com  The workshop slot time is an hour and fifteen minutes. The workshop leader can organize the space as they like. The speaker will have access to all A/V equipment (e.g. hook up laptop, etc.)

Unfortunately, due to a very limited budget we will not be able to pay the speaker. However, it’s a great opportunity to get one’s name out there, put on a resume/grad application, and sell some items. We would love to take the speaker out for dinner, at some point, during the summer.

We hope you will join us for our event this June. It’s rare women of color in Portland, get spaces to display our creative work/voices. We need all the support we can get 😉 Allies are encouraged to attend. Please remember this is a safe space for all participants.

Attendee at the WOC Zine Symposium 2012

Tabler at the WOC Zine Symposium 2012

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