Portland Zine Symposium 2013

The 13th annual Portland Zine Symposium will be held on

Saturday, August 10th, from 10:00am until 6:00pm

Sunday, August 11th,  from 10:00am until 5:00pm

Admissions is always free but if you would like to register a table to sell and trade your zines you can do that here.

If you would like to lead a workshop, panel or discussion email us to get notified for when we put the application form up here (we don’t have the application form up yet).

Other extracurricular events can be found on our events page here.

Learn more: http://www.portlandzinesymposium.org/faq/

About wocpdxzines

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!
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2 Responses to Portland Zine Symposium 2013

  1. Hey there, thanks so much for sharing this! ❤

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