A New Take on African-Americans and Immigrants

Faculty Favorite Lecture Series:

Kim Williams, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Political Science
& Academic Director, Center for Women, Politics & Policy at PSU

“A New Take on African-Americans and Immigrants”
Tuesday, November 27th. 2:00-4:00pm

Dr. Williams will lecture on the topic of her latest paper. Based on findings from hundreds of interviews with African-American leaders and data from opinion polls, she argues against the mistaken narrative that African-Americans are hostile toward immigrants given job competition at the low end of the wage scale. Highlighting trends that cannot be explained by economically driven conventional wisdom alone, she draws attention to politics to explain why: African-American leaders overwhelmingly support comprehensive immigration reform and are more supportive of immigrants than their white counterparts. She will also discuss the reasons why recent right-wing efforts to bring African-Americans on the anti-immigration bandwagon, against the backdrop of the Great Recession no less, have fallen dead flat.

Women’s Resource Center. 1802 SW 10th & Montgomery.

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