Women of Color Zine Workshops 2012-2013

It was four years ago when I (Tonya) started the monthly zine workshops for women of color. I got the idea after attending the Portland Zine Symposium and wanting to connect with other WOC zinesters. I later lead a workshop at the PZS called “Women of Color: Writing and Activism.” I received such good feedback from folks…I decided to do it all the time. It is how the WOC Zine group came about and the rest is history!


One of our biggest accomplishments was hosting Portland’s first Women of Color Zine Symposium in June 2012. The event was an opportunity for local WOC artists to connect and share their work with the larger community. Our other joy has been the creation of a zine collective called “Women of Color: How to Live In the City of Roses and Avoid the Pricks.” We write about how it is living in 80% white Portland as a WOC navigating racism, gentrification (i.e. Alberta and Mississippi neighborhoods), gendered violence, police oppression and invisibility.


The workshops are open (and free) to those that self-identify/live everyday experiences as a woman of color.

The first workshop of the year will be on Friday, October 19th 2012. 5:30pm-7pm. Located at Portland State University Women’s Resource Center. 1802 SW 10th & Montgomery (the basement).

It’s all about Zines 101! Meet core members of the WOC Zine group, learn the basics what zines
are all about, and sit back and relax while making new friends!

We hope to see
you there!

contact me if ya have any questions: wocpdx@gmail.com

Attendees at the WOC Zine Workshop!


About wocpdxzines

I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!
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