We were soooo bummed when one of our core group members (Hannah Eko) had to relocate to New York City for her job. We really miss her and still find ways to keep her connected to our woc zinester community! Hannah recently started a blog called “hanabonanza.” It’s a fun read as she learns to navigate NYC and all its pigeons!

Excerpt from hanabonanza:

I have been making excuses about my pigeon exposure exercises lately.

“Oh, I need to print out my list…it’s so inaccessible.”

Instead, I’ve started ruminating about what different birds evoke in my mind. This is really going to help with my phobia.

Crows remind me of Portland and New Mexico, of autumn days.

Penguins reminds me of 2nd grade, as all cute animals do.

Hummingbirds are being ten years old in California and watching a fleeting blurr of a heartbeat buzz by; 4-5 seconds of, “Mommy! Mommy! Did you see it?”

And geese remind me of my more dismal times at military school and a certain preoccupation with time.

I don’t like geese. I may have mentioned this before. They are too sluggish, incessantly indignant birds that love crossing intersections in single file just to cause traffic, and they hiss.

Now, ask yourselves, do happy, well-adjusted animals hiss?

check out more: http://hanabonanza.wordpress.com/

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I enjoy reading, writing, and traveling!
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