WOC Zinester Spotlight

I (Tonya) have been facebook friends with Marya Jones for a few months now. Marya is the creator of “Mocha Chocolata Momma” and many other zines. I was happy that I was able to finally meet her…when she attended the Portland Zine Symposium in early August.

She was cool and I bought a few of her zines. I like them all…but really enjoyed the first issue of “Mocha…” This issue is about the life of Bessie Coleman. She was the first Black woman (and first Black person period) to get an international pilot license. Coleman was born in 1892 and mysteriously died in 1926.

Marya starts the zine with these heartfelt words:

“April 2012–Hello and THANK YOU for reading my zine! I wanted to write this zine as a personal dare–I’d had enough of all of the crappy depictions of Black women in most forms of popular culture that I decided to challenge myself to write a zine series about some of the black women (real and imagined) I continue to be inspired by, when I need a boost. When I need to remember that there are women in the world who look like me, thrive like me, create like me, laugh like me, challenge stereotypes and perceptions of black life, just like me.”

If you are interested in buying Marya’s zines…email her. She is also the organizer of the Albuquerque Zine Symposium.  maryaerrinjones@gmail.com or maryaerrinjones@facebook.com

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