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Happy Fall!!

The Women of Color Zine Workshops blog returns to share information about events/creative projects/social justice activities in PDX and across the country.

We hope you had a good summer🙂


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Happy Summer!!

The Women of Color Zine Workshops is going on blogcation!

We will return in the fall.

Have a fun and safe summer🙂

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*Tonight!* HOLLA: Challenging the Narrative for Kids of Color in America’s Whitest City

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Starting at 7pm

5736 NE 33rd Ave.

This event will include a screening of the film, discussion with Imago Dei Eastside Pastor Erick Knox and dialogue with other attendees.

RACE TALKS is a free series co-sponsored by Donna Maxey, Founder/Director of RACE TALKS, World Arts Foundation, Resolutions Northwest, and McMenamins


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sunday jam

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June Keaton Otis Vigil

Sunday, June 12, 2016


NE 6th and NE Halsey

Keaton Otis was a young Black man murdered by the Portland police over five years ago, May 12, 2010. The police admitted they stopped him for “looking like a gangster.” They shot him 23 times after tazing him while he sat in the driver’s seat. Later police said Keaton had a gun, but have yet to produce it.

Keaton’s father Fred Bryant held a monthly vigil on the 12th of every month since his son’s murder on the spot where Keaton’s life was taken. Fred Bryant did this for over three years, fighting for justice for his son, every single month in the rain, the dark, the heat, the snow. Fred Bryant passed away October 29, 2013.

His family and community have committed to continuing the vigils every month on the 12th, until justice is achieved for Keaton, for Fred, for our whole community.

Please join that struggle this month and help to spread the word.


FB page:

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African & Indigenous Solidarity for the 21st Century

Friday, June 10, 2016


Portland State University/Student Union Room 296

This panel discussion is an attempt to process and address issues of the impact of colonization on Indigenous and African/Black communities, the impacts on our current lives as Indigenous and African/Black people, how we continue to struggle under colonial rule, how our collective struggles are tied to each other and subsequently how our liberation is tied together, and how we might support Indigenous and African/Black liberatory struggle in the 21st century.

Central to the philosophy of colonization is domination, control, and exploitation. Colonization is an intersection of systems of oppression, while the reasons for American colonization were primarily based on religious, economic, and political factors, in actuality this colonization attempted to destroy the social and cultural structures of Indigenous cultures in every corner of the planet. At the point of contact on Turtle Island (All of North and Central Americas) colonization had a significant impact on both Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island and African peoples brought here during the transatlantic slave trade. These events created parallel and lasting experiences for these groups of people that continue to this day. This process continues to have grave consequences to the lives of the living ancestors of Indigenous and African people that we see play out in the policies of genocide and the way in which these populations are treated in this country and across the world impacting:

-Environmental justice,
-Animal rights;
-Climate change and its impact on communities of color,
-Access to traditional food, hunting and fishing rights,
-Substance use and food access as social control
-Police brutality and the Prison Industrial Complex
-Violence against women and trans folks,
-Human trafficking, etc.

The history of colonization still impacts Native people by continuing to be made invisible, and African people continue to be disposable. We believe that as our history of oppression is tied together, so is our liberation.

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sunday jam

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PQ Monthly’s Gay Skate – Prince Tribute!

Monday, May 16, 2016


Oaks Amusement Park

Come have some fun at the PQ Monthly’s May Gay Skate! This month’s skate with will be a Prince Tribute!

Remember, Gay Skate happens every 3rd Monday of the month, join us!

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Sunday, May 15, 2016


Overlook Park

We’ve all heard it: ~ “portland is white as hell!” ~

[ [ [[ B U T ! ]] ] ]

That doesn’t mean our entire community has to be white as hell even if we love all of our white friends. So let’s convene and create community together. Please invite your friends of color so we can hang out and get to know one another!!

THIS IS A POTLUCK > bring something to share and eat a bunch of food in exchange. BYOPlates and Cutlery! In an effort to reduce waste and save $, we will not be providing plates/utensils/etc.

please invite yr non-binary / queer / and women-identified people of color friends so we can all connect!! This is a non-smoking event without booze!

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