Submissions Call: Protecting Sacred Spaces


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East Portland Holiday Bazaar

The first annual East Portland Holiday Bazaar is a fun-filled single-day holiday market, where you will find local, affordable, hand-made holiday gifts, such as crafts, art, greeting cards, jewelry, zines, beauty products, and much more! Free and Family Friendly!

Hosted by Huynh Pool & Addam Pool of Spritely Bean & A’misa Chiu & Alex Chiu of Eyeball Burp Zine


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*Today in Chicago!* Love Liberation: 50 Years of BPP History

If you are in the Chicago area check this event out…


Saieh Hall for Economics

Part of the “All Power to the People! The Black Panther Party @50” series (

Tribute to Fred Hampton, Mark Clark and Mrs. Iberia Hampton by Flint Taylor, People’s Law Office People’s Law Office

Performance by Avery R. Young

Roundtable discussion with scholars and BPP members on the history and legacy of the Party, centering women, gender and sexuality.
Panelists include:
Joan Gray (BPP Illinois)
W.E. Dunbar (BPP Illinois)
Ericka Huggins (BPP Los Angeles, New Haven & Oakland)
Angela LeBlanc-Ernest (Independent Scholar and Filmmaker)
Mary Phillips (Africana Studies, Lehman College, CUNY)
Tracye Matthews (Historian, Assoc. Director, CSRPC)
Robyn Spencer (Historian, Lehman College, CUNY)

Discussion moderated by Elizabeth Todd-Breland (University of Illinois at Chicago).

Presented by the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture at UChicago and the Intersectional Black Panther Party History Project, with support from the The University of Chicago Institute of Politics, the Pozen Family Center for Human Rights, and The Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality.

This event is free and open to the public. This venue is physically accessible. Please contact the CSRPC at 773.702.8063 with any questions or accommodation requests.

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sunday jam

Support the ongoing activism of those at Standing Rock by posting updates on social media and/or making a donation 🙂

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Portland Women March Against Hate

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Director’s Park/Downtown

In partnership with the Seattle Women March Against Hate we will stand together to show the world that misogyny, misogynoir, racism, xenophobia, transmisogyny, transphobia, and hate of any kind is not welcome in this city. Together women will not be bullied by anyone—not even the next president.

IMPORTANT: People of all races, ethnicities, sizes, gender, religions, sexuality, & abilities are highly encouraged to attend this peaceful event.

ALSO IMPORTANT: This is a voluntary event. If you disagree with the mission or name of the march, you do not have to attend. We urge you to start your own public action.


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Janit V. Saechao Releases: Reclamation By The Refugees Daughter

Friday, December 2, 2016

4pm to 6pm

Portland State University/Women’s Resource Center

RECLAMATION by the Refugees’ Daughter is a compilation of poetry, short prose, and images that come together to exist as an act of defiance. It is meant to take back years of forced suppression and reclaim the power of the voice, even in the face of pain and trauma. It’s a scream, a cry, a calling for all things lost to the US Secret War in Laos. It is a creation of a new tradition of rebellion for a womxn who once knew only otherwise. It is the found courage of a brown Iu-Mien+Khmu girl, daughter of refugees, to finally say, “yes” to herself and , “no” to all things that attempt to erase her.

Janit V. Saechao is The Refugees’ Daughter. As a first generation Khmu & Iu Mien womxn, her writing is a reflection of her steady journey toward self-understanding as she reconnects with her roots. Her pieces are often uncensored documentations of her most vulnerable moments of growth, change and discovery. She recognizes that her voice, in all of its many forms has been the basis of her survival and ability to thrive. Through her work, she explores her relationships with her multiple identities, while actively striving toward artistic and cultural preservation for her peoples

For more information on Janit please visit their site:

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**TODAY!!* Election Reflections: A Message to the Movement

Sunday, November 20, 2016


In Other Words Feminist Community Center

Let’s come together for a political discussion about the implications of living and organizing under President-elect Donald Trump. How did this happen? What does it mean that a majority of white voters elected an open white supremacist with broad support from racist cops, the klan, and neo-Nazis to the most powerful office on earth? What does our collective existence in America look like now? What does organizing in America look like now? What has changed? What is still the same? What are we really fighting for?

Our existence in this country has never been an easy one. In many ways, however, it has helped prepare us for this moment.

At this event let’s talk about what comes next.

We’ll be reading portions of The Black Liberation Army’s: A Message to the Black Movement together to help guide and ground our discussion. Download a PDF of it here (copies will also be available at the space):

This space is for Africans and folks of color only.



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sunday jam

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PZS presents: Make A Zine Workshop

Friday, November 4, 2016


Literary Arts

925 SW Washington St

In collaboration with Portland’s 2nd Annual Lit Crawl®, the Portland Zine Symposium is hosting a zine making workshop!

Learn how to create a one-page zine using a few simple tools and lots of imagination in a quick, easy, & fun hour. All participants will leave with their very own zine!

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Happy Halloween!!

The Women of Color Zine Workshops wishes everyone a safe and fun Halloween! Check out the cool video by Afropunk featuring folks of color in costumes/cosplay 🙂


Photo by AfroPunk

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