Queer Students of Color Conference 2015

Join the Women of Color Zine Workshops as they host a panel celebrating QWOC at the annual Queer Students of Color Conference!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

11:10 am-12pm

Portland State University-Smith Student Center

Room 236 LR


Tessara is a poet and educator who uses the sharing of stories to build community, create understanding, and stimulate change. In addition to serving as the coordinator for Portland State University’s LGBTQ2+ Speaker’s Bureau, Tessara is a student at PSU, a participant in the Black Girl Dangerous Editor-in-Training Program, a story catcher for for the Vanport Multimedia Project, a freelance-writer and editor, and a social justice educator. Bringing a passion to change the world into all of this work, Tessara believes it is the poet’s job to bring out both the struggle and beauty in life.

Going Places writes an ongoing zine, entitled Going Places, that focuses on their life as a Navajo punk, Native American diaspora, and other self-interests. They hope that with their zine, they can break down stereotypes about what a Native American is supposed to be and also encourage other Natives to express themselves.

Tonya Jones is the founder of PDX Women of Color Zine Workshops. The WOC Zine group publishes a zine collective called “Women of Color: How to Live in The City of Roses and Avoid the Pricks.” The zine looks at how women of color navigate racism/sexism/heterosexism, etc., in a majority white city.


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One Flaming Arrow Kickstarter

Join us from April 15-May 13 as we launch our official Kickstarter (http://kck.st/1EuoyXk) for One Flaming Arrow: Inter-Tribal, Art, Music, & Film Festival. We are hoping to make a significant mark on the day we launch to help spread awareness, interest, and to also make a substantial contribution toward our fundraising goal. The amount we are asking for will pay for event space, artist honorariums, shipping expenses, travel assistance, as well as pay for the labor involved in organizing and curating a successful Indigenous festival.

Please, help us share this with the world by showing your support and at the very least by sharing this on your wall. Help us make this Kickstarter an overwhelming success for the Native art and culture community.

About One Flaming Arrow:

One Flaming Arrow is a 12-day festival that will bring together a unique set of Indigenous voices from the americas. Inspired by the powerful warrior spirit of Indigenous resistance, OFA partnered with the Indigenous founded and operated artist/activist/warrior collective, RISE: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment. Together OFA and RISE strive to honor the work, activism, and multifaceted talents of artists who are working to break apart misconceptions, stereotyped, and racist perceptions of Indigenous identity in contemporary culture.

OFA & R.I.S.E. were the proud recipients of Portland Institute of Contemporary Art’s (PICA) 2014 Precipice Fund. A special thank you goes out to PICA, Calligram Foundation, and the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

Confirmed artists/warriors:

Bat Vomit
Natalie Ball
Dylan Miner
Melanie Fey
Sky Hopinka
Shilo George
Jeff Ferguson
Laura Ortman
The Discotays
Brittany Britton
Raven Chacon
Katrina Benally
Amanda Ranth
Miranda Crystal
Almas Fronterizas
“Drunktown’s Finest”
Burial Ground Sound
Grace Rosario Perkins w/Amberlee Cotchay
Melissa Bennett w/Elizabeth LaPensée & Allie Vasquez
“Indigenous Futurisms Film Program”, curated by Grace Dillion


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Equal Pay Day (Un)Happy Hour | PDX

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Starting at 5pm

Crush Bar

1400 SE Morrison Street

We are hosting an (Un)Happy Hour on Equal Pay Day because we’re, well, unhappy about unequal pay for women.

In 2015, like every year, it takes women many months of extra work to catch up to what men earned the year before.

And while we gather on April 14th, it is important to dive deeper into the data and see how different women are affected by the wage gap:

* African-American women earn just $0.64.
* Latinas earn a mere $0.55.
* Mothers, when compared to fathers, earn $0.60


But the good news is that there’s real forward motion to close the gender wage gap here in Oregon, with several bills pending in Salem that will contribute, like: paid sick time, pay transparency, more $ for childcare subsidies, and more.

No need to RSVP, just swing by. We’ll be glad to see you!

Oh! And you’ll get a 21% discount if you are a woman (cis or trans) because, well, your reduced earnings mean reduced buying power, right?

Looking forward to seeing you on the 14th!


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sunday jam

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April Vigil for Keaton Otis

Sunday, April 12, 2015


NE 6th and NE Halsey

Keaton Otis was a young Black man murdered by the Portland police almost five years ago, May 12, 2010. The police admitted they stopped him for “looking like a gangster.” They shot him 23 times after tazing him while he sat in the driver’s seat. Later police said Keaton had a gun, but have yet to produce it.

Keaton’s father Fred Bryant held a monthly vigil on the 12th of every month since his son’s murder on the spot where Keaton’s life was taken. Fred Bryant did this for over three years, fighting for justice for his son, every single month in the rain, the dark, the heat, the snow. Fred Bryant passed away October 29, 2013. His family and community have committed to continuing the vigils every month, until justice is achieved for Keaton, for Fred, for our whole community.

Please join that struggle this month and help to spread the word.

#BlackLivesMatter #Every28Hours

FB page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Justice-For-Keaton-Otis/127054844033835?ref=ts&fref=ts

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Sexual Violence and Native Women


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Intisar Abioto: Contents

Thursday, April 2, 2015



Intisar Abioto, creator of The Black Portlanders, is bringing us Contents, a photography show about the stories of people and place.

Don’t miss out:
Intisar will present a short performance at 7pm

From the interview:
Story is maybe the beginning of everything for me. It’s how I process everything, like the story resonance, stories that need to be revived, or people to be revived. How you season a story or image, how a story or image or impulse is affected by the stories and images that are next to it or in context to it. Stories in physical places, in imaginative places, where all those things can meet. I’m always thinking about storytelling and man, that subject is so huge. But how stories can be more real than the physical realm, they can last longer than the physical realm. When you share them, they grow versus diminish in size. I just think it’s so powerful.

I don’t necessarily have a religion, but I do feel spiritual about storytelling and I just really believe in it. That word has so many meanings; people use it so many different ways. Thinking about what the wider story of your life is, like, I know this work of documenting or working with people of the African Diaspora is my life’s work or one of my life’s works as a contribution to whatever this weird thing we’re in together is. This is the other thing, because on the Internet you can share these projects and they’re based off of real life and they’re based on real things. They could just go on and on but you have an ending. How long does a project about something really go on?

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Make a Donation

The Women of Color Zine Workshops welcomes donations. ALL funds are used to support our community activities. We appreciate anything from $1 to $100 (we would faint if that happened :) Click the “Make a Donation” tab to make a contribution today. Thank you!!

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Happy April!

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM).   Women of color often face unique barriers when dealing with sexual violence in/outside of their communities. Support events/organizations that are working hard to resist rape culture.

PSU Women’s Resource Center SAAM calendar: http://www.pdx.edu/sexual-assault/sexual-assault-awareness-month-2015-events

Women of Color Network: http://www.wocninc.org/

*This video is being posted in support of SAAM. Trigger warning*

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sunday jam

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